Who we are

At Green Cairo, we endeavour to present our customers with herbal solutions that are crafted using Ayurvedic principles. Our online marketplace is the ideal space for those who are looking for natural, chemical-free solutions and who want to go back to their roots and incorporate the traditional way of living. All our products are completely safe to use with no known side-effects.

What started as a tiny unit has now expanded as an enterprise and a big part of that is the trust we have gained. Our community puts an immense amount of faith in us which has enabled us to broaden our horizons. Consequently, today, we provide an exceptional number of products across a vast number of categories.

Personal Care, Household and Vehicle Care are the areas where we aim to grow in order to bring the best products for the customers. Manufacturing high-quality, genuine products is our objective and over the years, it has become our strength.

We also have a facility where you can get a soap of your choice customized. With a minimum order of 1000 soaps, you decide the ingredients you want and we craft a bespoke soap that is made just for you.

Making your mark through your own brand of custom soaps is possible, with Green Cairo.


With the objective of assisting people in getting closer to nature, Green Cairo strives to bring high-quality herbal products for the consumers. Whether it’s about self-healing and maintaining the quality of the skin and hair or maintaining the vehicle, we try to incorporate every aspect and bring out the best of Ayurveda to our community.

  • Manufacturing optimum and authentic herbal healthcare products with a blend of Ayurved is our prime mission.
  • We strive to provide products all around the country in a hassle-free manner.
  • We aim to connect our customers with the healing science of Ayurved and thereby help adopt Ayurvedic principles in their lives.
  • At Green Cairo we customize your order and make the product with your favorite natural ingredients at economical prices, a service that you will not find anywhere else.


We dream of a world where people believe more in the healing power of nature and natural products rather than chemicals and adulterations. As a brand, Green Cairo has the vision to bequeath

  • A wide range of personal care and healthcare products
  • Herbal solutions at affordable prices
  • Pan-India accessibility
  • Products with zero side-effects and more medicinal properties