We always try to eat healthily and include fruits and vegetables in the diet to remain fit. Then what stops us from giving our hairs a healthy dose as well?

It is scientifically proven that if you are healthy, your hairs will shine as well. However, things are not going in this direction these days. No matter how nutritionally-rich diet you take, the problems like hair fall, hair thinning, dandruff, graying of hairs, split ends have become common to deal with.

What causes hair damage

It has become the tales of old days that graying of hairs is only because of aging. Today we can see a number of teenagers and adults in the age group 20-30 facing such serious hair issues. Although some of the blame may go to genetics, day to day stress and pollution, most of it will go to the use of harmful chemical infused hair products.

Yes, you heard me right. Shampoos, hair conditioners, serums, lotions, gels all comprises chemicals. Although you will find written that these chemicals are free from toxicities and will not damage the hairs but seeing your hair condition, do you need more proof? Apart from the chemicals that are claimed to make your hairs lustrous, there are preservatives as well for enhancing their shelf-life. These preservatives release formaldehyde which reduces the hair quality drastically.

Generally, people wash their hairs twice or sometimes more. The regular application of such chemical infused hair products decreases hair quality as well as hair quantity. So, what is the solution?

Solution for healthy hair

Herbal products which are free from chemicals help in cleansing the hairs, giving them enough moisture to remain healthy and radiant. Green Cairo has brought many wonderful hair care products in the online marketplace to help people get close to nature and treat their hairs with natural products.

Whether you look at the pros of their Aloe Vera shampoo or Herbal Amla shampoo, all will give the desired nutrients to the hairs making them better than before. Once you treat your hairs with henna or shikakai powder from Green Cairo the difference will become evident to all. They also have Herbal Shikakai Shampoo and Herbal Henna Shampoo to give that extra dose of nourishment to the hairs.

One product which has helped women reverse their major hair issues like hair fall and graying is Green Cairo Hair Oil Mix. It is a blend of ingredients like Amla, Menthol, Shikakai and Fenugreek in the combination of coconut oil that makes the hairs silky, shining and healthy. The best part is you may refill the bottle with roasted coconut oil two times and draw the benefits.

Wrapping up

So if you love your hairs and do not want to look older than your age due to poor hair, start using Green Cairo hair care products. Do not fall for the marketing stunts of big shotguns that endorse their chemical infused hair products proudly. Remain close to nature, use natural products and strengthen your hairs, support the scalp health and improve their thickness and volume.