Dreaming a flawless skin is something we all do but is it possible in today’s world of chemicals and cosmetics?

What damages the skin

Well, skin being the largest part of the body needs special care and attention. Every day it gets exposed to pollution and other toxicities of the environment. As if these were not enough, people use products that come labeled as ‘skin care’ but do more harm than help to it. It is no surprise that today right from soaps and face wash to face packs and creams, everything comes adulterated. It is hard to find something which is all natural and effective for the skin.

How people protect their skin in past

If we could time travel to the past, we can see how our grandmothers and great grandmothers do nothing yet always glow with healthy and supple skin. At least their pictures say so. If you wonder how then let me tell you the secret behind it.

Our yester-generations rarely use cosmetics because they were not in practice. Neither the market was flooded with innumerable cosmetics producing companies. It helped them not getting exposed to such nuisance.

Today people are becoming more aware of the benefits that herbal products endow. Products that are all natural and free from chemicals are gaining so much popularity that you may find diverse skin care items in this category.

Effectiveness of Green Cairo Products

Matching with the pace and helping people get close to nature; Green Cairo has manufactured highly effective herbal products. Right from their wide varieties in soap like Aloe Vera, Thulasi, Neem, Kasthuri Manjal to a combination of all of them in Herbal Mix soap, they have provided with the most authentic and useful products of the time.

Apart from these, their special fruit soaps- pineapple, mango, papaya, and strawberry bring the freshness in every inch of the skin. No wonder a morning bath with any one of them will keep you fresh throughout the day and make you feel calm.  For the summers, Green Cairo’s Cool soap levels up your energy and keep you refreshed all through the day.

As we all know there are different types of skin viz., normal, oily, dry, sensitive and combination. Generally, if you are using chemical products or soap, you need to purchase as per the skin type. However, this is not the case with Green Cairo’s herbal skin care range. Whether you are using any of its soap, face pack or rosewater you don’t have to concern over your skin texture.  This is one of the best advantages of herbal products that they do not come with side effects. Their special Face Care soap gently works on the delicate skin surface overcoming the problems like acne, pimple, and dark spots.

Final Words

So, all in all, herbal products keep the skin healthy and balanced. They maintain the pH of the skin and can effectively combat common skin issues. Chemical products, on the other hand, release chemicals into the skin that go deep down leading to some major skin issues with time.

Therefore it is always better to look for the alternate options to the toxic chemicals infused products. These self-acclaimed ‘skin care’ products do nothing other than providing short term superficial benefits.

Green Cairo strives to provide skin care products which meet the standards and are safe, natural, and free from toxicities and other adulterations. Try them out and see the difference!