Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam 50g


Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam is effective against bacterias which is known to affect people with low immunity & also effective in increasing air quality.

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Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam is very effective against bacteria like Candida Albicans which is known to affect HIV patients with low immunity. It has been proved that Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam which is prepared as per Sanitary Standards of non industrial premises (CEC, 1993) is an effective fumigator in increasing air quality.

Aparajitha Dhooma Choornam is an invaluable medicinal preparation for public health against fast spreading of viruses. It is effcient in removing food contaminating fungi mucor and Rhizopusft from the air.

Ingredients : Mayurasikah, Vacha, Ralah, Nimba, Twak, Arka Gugullu, Useera, Sallaki Karpoora.

Usage : Take the fire charcoal in pot and add little dhooma choornam and spread the smoke around all rooms.

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