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Green Cairo’s Amla Powder is the best antidote to rough hair, dull and damaged ends

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The summers are almost upon us and if you thought that meant you don’t have to worry about your hair, think twice! Most people think they have to stop worrying once winters are over and that’s where the problem starts. While winter may bring with it a lot of dandruff woes and dry hair problems, summer is just as bad, if not worse. The scorching heat damages your hair, the dust particles make your hair dirty and the humidity just worsens the whole situation. Summer makes your hair sticky, frizzy and quite damaged. While you cannot completely stop going out, what you can do is be regular with your haircare routine. And that means using the best ingredients for your hair instead of relying on chemically processed products.

Since time immemorial, people have spoken about the goodness of Amla. It is a superfood not just for food dishes but also for our hair. It contains an abundant amount of vitamins that are crucial to hair health and can truly make a difference in the quality of your hair. While you go on with your regular shampoo and conditioner routine, another thing you should incorporate is the Amla Powder by Green Cairo.

Green Cairo’s Amla Powder is the best antidote to rough hair, dull and damaged ends! Within just a month of regular usage, you will be able to see visible results in your hair, along with a lustrous shine that only comes from natural, chemical-free ingredients. The Amla Powder enriches your scalp and strengthens it, ultimately improving your hair health. It is a completely herbal product made with the finest ingredients that tackle hair fall and solve all your hair fall problems to give you the smooth, shiny hair that you dream of!

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