Aloe Vera shampoo 200ml


The Aloe Vera Shampoo repairs the damaged cells in your hair and enriches them. It helps increase blood circulation in the scalp. It has Vitamin E & C.

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If you find that your chemically processed shampoo and conditioner aren’t doing the job and instead are worsening the condition of your hair, let us tell you that it is very common. Refined products with chemicals are processed heavily and in the process, most nutrients that are actually good for your hair slip away. Hence, your hair almost always lacks the nutrition it needs in order to stay healthy. This is why many of us today face issues with our hair. From dandruff, dull dry and damaged hair to the other end of the spectrum will sticky hair, a lot of these issues are because we don’t use the right products to wash our hair. In times when chemicals harm our hair, it is time to go back to the traditional remedies for healthy hair which have been prescribed for ages.

Aloe Vera is an extremely underrated ingredient in the hair care space. While a lot of people consume it for food, not many people know that it has immense benefits as far as hair health is concerned. If you need a fix for damaged hair, Green Cairo’s Aloe Vera is the only product you need to get your hands on. With the goodness of Vitamin A, it is the best remedy for your hair.

The Aloe Vera Shampoo repairs the damaged cells in your hair and enriches them. It also imparts freshness to your hair and helps with itchy or irritated scalp conditions. It helps increase blood circulation in the scalp and ensures the proper flow of oxygen, ultimately improving hair health. It also has Vitamin E and C which nourish your scalp from deep within. It helps maintain a healthy pH level, thereby adding lustre and shine to your hair. All in one, whatever your hair woe may be, the Aloe Vera Shampoo by Green Cairo is the sole product you need to fight all the dangers to your hair. Get your hands on a bottle now!

Usage: For wet hairs, apply shampoo on scalp and rinse well.

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