Dahasamani Powder 50g


Revitalize Your Health with Nature’s Essence!

Discover the transformative power of Dahasamani Powder, an exquisite blend of traditional Indian herbs meticulously crafted to transform your daily water into a rejuvenating ayurvedic elixir. This exceptional powder is not just a drink; it’s a wellness journey in every sip.

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Key Ingredients:

  • Karingali: A natural coolant, renowned for its ability to regulate body temperature.
  • Nannari Root: A blood purifier, celebrated for its detoxifying properties.
  • Ramacham: Known for its digestive benefits and urinary tract health support.

Health Benefits:

  • Natural Body Cooler: Helps maintain a comfortable body temperature, especially in hot climates.
  • Blood Purification: Aids in detoxifying the blood, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized.
  • Digestive Wellness: Promotes a healthy digestive system, alleviating issues like constipation.
  • Urinary Tract Health: Supports the urinary system, preventing and resolving infections.

Usage Instructions:

  • Simple Preparation: Boil 2 liters of water and stir in 1 teaspoon of Dahasamani Powder.
  • Daily Delight: Enjoy this healthful drink once a day to experience its full benefits.

Why Choose Dahasamani Powder?

  • 100% Natural: Made with pure, authentic herbs, free from artificial additives.
  • Holistic Health: Offers a comprehensive approach to wellness, targeting multiple aspects of health.
  • Easy to Integrate: Seamlessly fits into your daily routine, enhancing your hydration habits.

Elevate your daily hydration with Dahasamani Powder – a simple step towards a healthier, more balanced life. Experience the magic of ancient Ayurveda in every glass!


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