Roasted Hair Oil with Vital Herbs Mix


Hair oil comprises of roasted coconut oil, Badam oil and Agarwood oil  along with Thulsi, Amla, Shikakai, Fenugreek etc. It Cures dandruff, hair fall. If empty, you can refill the bottle with coconut oil twice.

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The hair oil mix comprises nature’s ingredients that contribute to making your hair healthy and lustrous. Roasted coconut oil, Badam oil and Agarwood oil adds to the worth of the product. You get the advantage of Thulasi, Amla, Menthol, Shikakai, Fenugreek and much more. The best part is you may refill the bottle with roasted coconut oil two times and draw the benefits. After you refill, keep it for few hours so that those ingredients gets mixed with oil.

By regularly using this oil, get rid of dandruff, pimples and hair fall.  This oil is also helpful for burning eyes, headaches and to get good sleep.

If you need only vital herbs mix without oils, please buy Hair Oil Mix (10+ Vital Herbs)

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