Shikakai shampoo 200ml


Natural hair cleanser. Treats various hair and scalp issues. Makes hair healthy and boosts healthy hair growth.

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Shikakai shampoo can help make hair stronger, healthier with more shine and lustre. While the chemical-based shampoo can make the hair dull and dry after a few months, shikakai shampoo, on the other hand, can provide long term benefits. Regular use of shikakai shampoo is highly beneficial for hair.

Green Cairo offers the best shikakai shampoo online that you can buy at the most reasonable price. Made with natural ingredients, this shampoo will also treat various health and scalp problems.

Why should you use Green Cairo Shikakai Shampoo?

  1. Pure and authentic– Green Cairo Shikakai Shampoo comprises shikakai as the major ingredient and other herbs for additional benefits.
  2. Inexpensive- Green Cairo offers Shikakai shampoo at the most reasonable price. It is a cheaper and good natural alternate to chemical-based shampoos present in the market.
  3. Makes hair stronger– Shikakai and herbs contribute to making the hair stronger. The roots get stronger that prevent hair fall.
  4. Adds shine to hair– The soft cleansing property of Green Cairo shampoo adds shine to the hair and make them stronger.
  5. Delays grey hair– If you are getting grey hair too soon, regular use of Shikakai shampoo will help.
  6. Works on hair lice– Shikakai has antifungal and antibacterial properties that halt the growth of hair lice. Also, regular use eliminates all the lice present on the scalp.
  7. Heals scalp wounds– Shikakai can treat minor wounds, cuts and abrasions that develop in the scalp often and thus soothes the scalp.

Green Cairo has come up with Shikakai shampoo, which comprises essential oil and other Ayurvedic herbs that make the hair healthier. Also, it promotes healthy hair growth with lesser damaged hair and split ends. Get rid of dandruff, dry and flaky scalp and treat minor infections and wounds on the scalp. Buy Shikakai shampoo online at Green Cairo at the best price.

How to use Shikakai shampoo

  • Apply directly to wet hair and massage gently for 1 min. Rinse off with water. For best results, use regularly.

Ingredients: Shikakai. Ayurvedic herbs and Essential oil

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200 ml


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