Natural Herbal Face Pack 40g


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This Face Pack is rich in nutrients, best antidote to acne, dry and aging skin.

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In today’s day and age, where we’re constantly travelling, going from one climatic zone to another, where we’re amidst a lot of pollution, where our lifestyles and diets affect our skin and stress just adds up to it, you surely need something more than just soap to take care of your face. Just using body lotion or washing your face with water isn’t enough. You need to go the extra mile in order to take care of your face. First impressions mean everything and you would want your face to glow and speak for itself, wouldn’t you? It’s time to take care of your skin and restore that shine!

Face packs are a great way to ensure that you take care of your skin because they are very convenient to apply. You can apply a face pack, keep it on for some time and easily return to your daily chores or your work or calls and after some time, wash it off. It’s very easy to include a face pack routine in your daily task list and it ends up improving your skin greatly in the long run. Having said that, it is important to choose the right face pack as you do not want to ingest your skin with chemicals and since the face pack is something you put on your skin for a good amount of time, it is important to opt for natural, herbal chemicals that are free of toxins. And Green Cairo’s Natural Herbal Face Pack is the ideal choice for you.

Created with a mixture of Multani mitti, Kasturi manjal and red sandalwood, this face pack is rich in nutrients and is the best antidote to acne, dry skin and aging skin. The Multani mitti acts as a natural coolant and calms down sensitive skin. It removes excess oil from the skin, smoothens the texture of the skin and makes it look radiant.

In order to use it, take a little portion of the pack and mix it with rose water or milk. Apply it on your face in circular movements and massage slightly. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off. Use it regularly to see best results.

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  1. manilohani86 (verified owner)

    This is an amazing herbal face pack that suits both me and my sister’s skin. I guess it goes well with all skin types. Recommended!

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