Henna Powder


Henna Powder improves hair growth. It reduces hair fall and prevents dandruff. By using it we can control scalp itchiness. It also a natural hair dye.

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This is the best henna powder with no adulteration. It helps in improving the texture of the hairs by conditioning them and provides a natural dye color as well. Its anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties prevents the itchy scalp and kills lice.

Our quality product is 100% organic and chemical free. When only henna is used , it gives almost red color to hair, if used in combination with Indigo powder, light brown to Jet black shades can be achieved. Regular use improves your hair health.

The natural properties of henna helps to enhance the hair growth. It directly gets into scalp, so it helps to reduce hair fall and restore the pH level. Repeated use of it can solve dandruff issue permanently.

Ingredients: The only ingredient is natural henna powder.

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