Reetha Powder 100g


Reetha Powder cleanses the hair and the scalp giving a lustrous look and improved hair health. It is a natural cleanser and conditioner. It helps make your hair thicker and voluminousby tackling hairfall and dandruff.

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The Reetha Powder by Green Cairo not only cleanses the hair but also cleanses the scalp. It is a natural cleanser and conditioner. It helps make your hair thicker and voluminous. It also helps with hairfall and dandruff. It gives your hair a lustrous look and improves hair health.

It’s only in the last few years that we started relying on hair dryers, hair straighteners, conditioners and packaged hair masks from outside. In the earlier days, hair care was something that included tips that were passed down generations, hair masks and packs that moms taught their daughters to make. Oiling your hair was a family activity where people would sit down and talk while the elders put oil in the children’s hair and massaged the head. Home-cooked food was consumed more often and that included more wholesome meals that contained foods that were great for hair health. But today, the picture is completely different.

Today, oiling your hair is uncool, doing a ‘champi’ before washing your hair is boring and old-school. In trying to fit in within ‘modern’ trends, hair problems have increased for so many people and hair health has been badly compromised. Today, the number of people struggling with hair loss, hair damage, hair breakage and damaged hair are more and hair health is not great on an average. To add to that, food patterns are changing, people don’t have fixed eating schedules and their food choices are erratic. Not everyone consumes holistic meals and as a result, we often miss out on the nutrients that we would have otherwise obtained from food. People don’t follow home remedies anymore and not everyone can afford to get expensive cosmetic treatments for their hair. However, taking care of your health isn’t expensive at all. All you need is the Reetha Powder by Green Cairo.


  • Mix 2 tbsp reetha powder with warm water to form a paste. Apply it on the scalp and massage gently. It will manage dandruff and remove lice due to its insecticidal properties.
  • Mix an equal quantity of Reetha powder, Green Cairo Amla powder and Green Cairo Shikakai powder with warm water to make a paste. Apply it on the scalp for 30 minutes and wash with Green Cairo Amla shampoo. You may add curd, or egg, half lemon and a few drops of coconut oil for additional benefits.

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